Question 2


"I do research on hazard perception and how mobile phones distract people from paying attention to the road"


"Twofold – from the policing point of view I’m involved in the enforcement, out on patrol looking for drivers using their mobile phones and dealing with them for that offence and also investigations into collisions. And setting up and running operations based on national campaigns. With respect to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership I’m involved with the education initiatives."


"It relates directly to accident reduction so my committee allocates government funding and other funding to work on improving road safety right across Brighton and Hove. There are somethings we can do by changing highway layouts but there’s an awful lot we can do in conjunction with partners in running road safety campaigns like this one – and we know that the use of mobile phones while driving is a serious cause of concern that leads to many accidents.


"To cut a long story short, they are distracting people and because of that the number of road traffic accidents we’re going to is going up. And they are more serious because of the mobile phone."