Question 3


"One thing people don’t realise is there is absolutely no difference between hands-free and hand-held mobile phones in terms of the dangers that they pose for drivers because it’s all about distraction and both kinds of phones are equally distracting. There’s 20 years of research that shows that.


"There is in that the legislation surrounding mobile phones whilst driving is purely for a hand held mobile/2 way communication device so it does allow the use of hands –free mobiles in cars whether that’s by Bluetooth or headphones.


"From my perspective no, because I regard both of those as a distraction and I don’t think drivers should be engaged in mobile phone conversations while they are navigating their way through a busy city such as ours."


"Absolutely nothing at all – it’s a distraction. And it really is a distraction – how can you maintain a conversation with someone and concentrate fully on everything that’s going on around you.