Question 5


"I never use my mobile phone when I’m driving. I turn the phone off when I get in the car and I turn it back on when I finish driving. Anybody that wants to contact me knows that I don’t use the phone when I’m driving so they leave a voice message for me and I get back to them when I’ve finished.


"No I don’t know. However the police do have an exemption in the law to use two way communication devices like our radios purely because of practicalities within the law. However the policy of Sussex Police and almost every other police force is that officers will not use a mobile phone whilst driving. With the exception of using a radio to respond to calls for practical police work.


"Never, absolutely never. I would find a safe place to pull over, park my car and then make the call or phone the person back."


"No, I’ve seen the repercussions of people using a mobile phone far too often so I get in the car, phone goes away until I get to where I’m going to."