Question 6


"I haven’t personally seen any collisions as a consequence of people using their mobile phones but I was asked once about a case where a driver using his mobile phone turned off a slip road on a motorway, sorry on an A road and hit a cyclist from behind leaving the cyclist in a terrible state. I think they died a few days later."


"I remember a few years back on an icy winter’s evening on the south downs not far out of Brighton. We went to a single vehicle collision where a driver had driven up a bank, rolled the car and broken his neck and killed himself. I was the family liaison officer for his partner in relation to that collision. And it transpired that he had phoned her to say that he was just on his way home, she’d answered the phone – they’d only had a very small conversation along the lines of “how long you going to be” – during that time he lost control of the vehicle, rolled and killed him. There was a big impact on her because of that, because she had contributed towards the collision by talking to him on the phone and she was quite aware that had she not answered the phone call or as soon as she realised he was driving she put the phone down potentially the collision might not have occurred."




"New Year’s day,several years ago, in the mouth of the Southwick tunnel. We’d only been on duty a couple of minutes and we got called to a car crash in the tunnel and the gentleman had literally gone up the bank, come round the entrance to the Southwick tunnel , gone up the bank into the tunnel itself on the roof of the car. He was using a mobile phone and there were other distractions as well."